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Department of Science and Technology, GP Koirala Foundation focuses on scientific research and promote applied sciences and technology programs. We collaborate with independent research centers, different domestic and international universities. The impact of the scientific research must reflect on the industrial sector, production sector and other projects that can contribute to the prosperous Nepal, and hence we collaborate with such industries too. Different scientists around the globe associate in the team for additional guide and direction our research intern, fellow researcher and cooperate each other. The universities here in Nepal have very limited resources and technology so that it is difficult for the researcher to work with motivation. Therefore, we will take a step to facilitate and install the required technology from different sources. There are few Professors and department in different universities who sacrificed and gave their full effort professionally in quality research amidst of very limited resources are in our priority for the collaboration. For the deserving students under the supervision of these Professors, we will provide the additional intern space in our lab and connect to the relevant scientist from abroad university. If the idea is innovative and deserves for the publication in impact journal having significant results to the industrial/production sector can be proceeded for the grant. Apart from this, we conduct, seminars, conferences and regular talk programs and summer school to encourage young scientists. Foundation also supports the different scholarships for the deserving candidates of the universities having MoU sign from Nepal in international universities.


Advisors and Researchers at the Science and Technology Department :

 Dr. Tara P Banjade, Director                       Supervisors:-   1.    Prof. Krishna Raj Tiwari    

Research  fellows :-

1 . Mr. Santosh Paudel



Recent Activities of the Department of Science and Technology:



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