Prof. Krishna Raj Tiwari

Prof. Krishna Raj Tiwari graduated from Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway with a Ph.D. in Soil/Natural Resource Management in 2009. He served as the Dean of Institute of Forestry (IOF) between 2016 and 2021. Since the enrollment at IOF in 1994, he had supervised one Ph.D. student and more than 20 students of M.Sc. for the partial fulfillment of their degree. Currently, 5 Ph.D. students are doing research under his supervision. Prof. Tiwari has been the director/project coordinator of some major projects at IOF: NORHED SUNREM-Himalaya Project (2013-present), Livelihood Improvement through Promotion of Moringa oleifera (LAM) in the private and community land in the Terai and Inner Terai Region of Nepal, Multi Stakeholder Forestry Program (2014-2015), Established Regional Climate Change Knowledge Management Centre (2010-2014). Having extensive research and field experience on watershed management, ecosystem services and carbon sequestration, climate change impact and adaptation assessment, and agriculture, prof. Tiwari has published dozens of his research in peer review international journals.


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