GPKF Introduction

GP Koirala Foundation for Democracy, Peace and Development (GPK Foundation ) has been established as a not for profit independent think tank. It shall undertake a wide spectrum of initiatives, research and studies, bring out publications, initiate academic, political and public debate all aimed for the promotion of peace, democracy and development. It shall also bring national and international personalities to promote such activities.

  • Promote the ideals Girija Babu stood for and contribute further to institutionalize peace, democracy and development in Nepal and remember him as one of the great political leaders of Asia who always worked for peace, democracy and friendly relations among the countries of this region and the world.
  • Highlight the devastating impact of violent internal conflicts on the political, economic, social and cultural fabric of developing societies and promote peaceful resolution of violent internal conflicts as well as nonviolent ruling of disputes among countries of this region.
  • Promote the true ideals of the United Nations in strengthening peace, democracy and human rights as well as peaceful and friendly relations among nations.
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