Below are the lists of respected & authorized international coordinators of GPK Foundation:

(All the activities of International Committees except North and South America are halted till further notice issued by Central Office.)
No. Name Email address Country Address Positions Note
1 Agni raj koiral [email protected] south korea Seoul south korea Coordinator
2 Aviman singh basnet [email protected] Australia Brisbane Queenland Australia Coordinator
3 Chitra kc [email protected] United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm al-Quwain Coordinator
4 Mr Dil bahadur gurung  [email protected] Germany European union Advisor
5 Mr Dilip Pokharel [email protected]
     [email protected]
Australia Adelaide ,South Australia Coordinator
6 Mr Dol Raj Bhandari [email protected] India India Coordinator
7 Mr Kumar Karki [email protected]  Japan  Japan Coordinator
8 Mr Buddhi Sagar Ghimire [email protected]  New Zealand  New Zealand, Australia (excluding Sydney & Melbourne) & OCEANIA Coordinator
9 Mr durga bahadur Gurung Hong kong Janasamparka samiti ,Hong kong Coordinator
10 Mr Nabin Thapalia [email protected] Sweden Scandinavian Nordic country of Sweden Coordinator
11 Mr Nil Thapalia [email protected] Australia Perth, State of Western Australia Coordinator
12 Mr Niranjan Prasai Australia Sydney, Australia Coordinator
13 MrRamesh chhatukuli [email protected] Australia Melbourne victoria Australia Coordinator
14 Mr Shibaji Shrestha [email protected] UK UK Territory of European Union Advisor
15 Mr ARJUN CHAPAGAIN [email protected] Qatar Doha, Qatar Qatar Coordinator
16 Mr .Somanth Ghimire [email protected] New york ,USA North & south america Coordinator
17 Mr. Sudarshan Thapa Magar [email protected] china China, Hong Kong and Macao, Malaysia Coordinator
18 Mr. Tulsi paudel [email protected] Canada Canada Coordinator
19 Mr Nabaraj Mudwari Australia Tasmania, Australia. State Coordinator, Tasmania
20 Mr Ramesh Chhatukuli [email protected] Australia Melbourne, Australia Coordinator, Oceania
21 Mr Sudarshan Thapa Magar [email protected] China Beijing Asia Pacific Coordinator
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