Youth and Sports.




Mr.Monaj kumar Shrestha is involving in different sports, social and political activities. He has contributed as Regional President of Nepalese People Coordination Council. UAE-2010, NRNA NCC UAE Vice President-2013, NRNA NCC UAE-Advisor-2015, NRNA ICC Member-2017, International Artist Society Global Advisor-2018, Provence No: 3,United Society UAE, Chief Patron-2019,Nepalese People Coordinational Councel UAE-Chief Advisor-2020. Currently NRNA-Deputy Regional Coordinator Middleeast,-2020, NRNA Sports Academy Management Head-2021 and director at department of youth and sports of Girija Prasad Koirala Foundation


Province Co-ordinatore

  1. Province 1  Coordinators : Surya Rai 
  2. Province 2  Coordinators : Tilak Thapa

Recent Activities of the Department of Youth and Sports.



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