‘The 3rd Forum of Ecological Safety, Human Development & Health’ – 2013

Sujata Koirala attended ‘The 3rd Forum of Ecological Safety, Human Development and Health’ on July 28, 2013 at Heming Mountain, Chengdu, China. The keynote address was delivered by Ms. Koirala on the subject of ‘Governance by Non-interference and Peaceful Development’. Also a MOU between IESCO and GPK Foudation was signed on this occasion.

IESCO (Beijing) Secretariat, the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, China Foundation for Peace and Development and China Foundation for International Studies jointly held the 3rd Forum of Ecological Safety, Human Development and Health.

Background of the Conference

The world is in constant change and the international patterns of globalization, interconnection and interdependence are exerting deep and far influence on every country’s development. The tendency of the development of various countries shows that peace and development are still the themes of the world, which is mainly embodied in the common desire and continuous pursuing of communication and dialogues, pragmatic policies and cooperation, peace and development of political parties, parliaments, governments and all sectors of society.

Also, present disasters caused by climate change and human unsustainable economic activities have posed serious threats to human survival and become bottle-necks hampering the development of various countries. They not only aggravate poverty and instability of the society, but also cause regional conflicts.

It is with this background in mind that “The 3rd Forum of Ecological Safety, Human Development and Health” was held.

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