Soldiers of the Democratic Movement Recognized

On the occasion of the 90th Birth Anniversary of eminent leader Girija Prasad Koirala, five soldiers of the democratic movement were recognized in Biratnagar.

In a program organized by GP Koirala Foundation for Peace and Development, soldiers of the democratic movement Jasdhan Rai, Ram Prasad Rijal, Torendraman Singh Pradhan, Hari Prasad Dahal and Dhimraj Naulakha were recognized.

All the five personalities were jointly commemorated by Nepali Congress Leader and former Minister Padam Narayan Chaudhary and Chair of GPK Foundation Sujata Koirala.

Chief Guest of the program Leader Choudhary said that late Girija Prasad Koirala was a warrior of the political and social transformation movement and admired the work done by the GPK Foundation.

Central Member of Nepali Congress and former Deputy Prime Minister, Chairperson Honorable Sujata Koirala said that the organization has keen interest in implementing various creative works in collaboration with the government by incorporating the political, social and cultural concepts put forward by Girija babu. Recalling that various social activities had been implemented prior to this program, she added that recognition of people who have contributed in various time frames will be given continuity in future.

Koirala informed that the Foundation has plans to conduct various creative works to minimize poverty and unemployment and stressed on the need of the state to develop a policy to discourage youth going for foreign employment.
On behalf of the recipients, Ram Prasad Rijal recalled the moments he had shared working with Girija Prasad Koirala and admired the activeness shown by late Koirala for peace and democracy in the country.

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