virtual conference ON (HOW HUMANS CAN SURVIVE in New World-Post Covid 19) hosted by the G.P. Koirala Foundation on ,July 18, 2020

 Remark  by M.P. Sujata Koirala Former Deputy Prime Minister & Foreign minister of Nepal and the Chairperson of GP Koirala Foundation for Global Leadership virtual conference (HOW HUMANS CAN SURVIVE in New World-Post Covid 19) hosted by the G.P. Koirala Foundation on ,July 18, 2020 2020.


 Post Covid-19 Challenges and Opportunities


  • As we know all that the world is suffering from covid 19 pandemic it is hard to escape from this, so we need to learn to live with the virus. The world is slowly returning back to a new normal. There is some slowdown in infections and death rates in many countries which were epicenters, but the coronavirus is not done with the world yet so we only can adjust with new situations by changing the way of life. 


  • During pandemic morbidity and mortality are threatening us but post covid threats of social and economic infections will be more catastrophic. It is more difficult for developing countries like Nepal to tackle the situation and already started to face the big economic challenges. Fluctuation in the market price, trouble in the hotel and tourism sector, weakening foreign exchange income and reservation indicates the dark side of coming days. One of the pillars of Nepali economy is remittance but the rate will definitely decrease as most of the employees are returning back to the country.  


  • To save the people and country from this unexpected situation we should take necessary measures in advance. The government should take steps to engage the peoples for possible tangible and productive activities that benefit the individuals and contribute to the country as well.


  • Government must consider and give priority to the respective areas as a support to boost up the country’s socio-economy condition. Those who are focusing on traditional farming as well as returning migrant workers can be deployed in an integrated scientific agriculture system. Now we should encourage organic farming to produce healthy, nutrient and quality food. Additionally, if we promote the production of herbal medicines, aromatic plants can contribute to GDP also.


  • The covid 19 taught us how the digitalization of the system can make our life easier during such pandemic. Therefore, we should focus on training people about technical knowledge especially on the digital system and IT sector.


  • We have huge scope in the production and distribution of homemade handicraft.  Manually developed ornaments, traditional arts that not only promote economic activities but also save our cultures should prioritize. Every cloud has a silver lining so we must search the opportunities amidst of every difficult situation. 



                          Thank you so much


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