Remark by M.P. Sujata Koirala Former Deputy Prime Minister & Foreign minister of Nepal and the Chairperson of GP Koirala Foundation for Global Doctors’ virtual conference hosted by the G.P. Koirala Foundation on May 31, 2020.

  • It is my pleasure to welcome you all to this Global Doctors’ Leadership in the time of COVID19 crisis and a path toward recovery and prevention from the pandemic. I sincerely thank you all for accepting our invitation to be a part of this conference despite your busy schedules.


  • As we all know, coronavirus crisis has changed everything and caused disruptions across the globe. The crisis has come to us as a global health emergency. It has caused devastation in economies reversing economic growth.  It has adversely affected the flow of remittances in several countries where it remained a lifeline of the economy.


  • All countries, whether developing to developed, are showing their limitations in containing and controlling the spread of the virus. Amidst such a challenge, professional health workers have shown their devotion to the service of humanity. No words would be enough to express our gratitude to them and others who are working on the frontline in the service of the humanity.


  • Unemployment will be high. Social ills will spill over causing upheaval and unrest.  Several studies put some 500 million people will be pushed back to extreme poverty. Creating employment opportunities for people thrown out of employment should be the pressing priorities of our time.


  • Every crisis leaves a space for an effective state to provide protection of its citizens. The state is called upon to heavily invest in health and education. The crisis has exposed the fragilities of public health system. They need to be fully equipped and within people’s reach.We must have superior health facilities to do better job in containing the spread of infection, if possible, without resorting to complete breakdown.


  • This is an extraordinary time for all of us. We shall have to think a new. We need strong solidarity, more cooperation, more collaboration, and unity in this increasingly interconnected and interdependent world. No country, however powerful, can alone address a new generation of challenges which are like “problems without passports.” The crisis is about the future of humanity. To save humanity, we must come together, work together. This should be our first and the only priority.


  • I hope this conference will discuss some of these burning issues related to public health. I consider the people are the most valuable resource. People possess intrinsic social and business currency. Human health comes first before everything. Ensuring sufficient and consistent access to health care and education is the only way to create human capital and social capital. I am sure this conference will discuss and provide us inputs and insights for result-oriented actions.


  • I  thank you all for participating in this global conference, and wish  it a great success.
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