Keynote speech by Former Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sujata Koirala at the virtual conference organized by United Russia Party on topic ‘The role of responsible political forces in building effective cross cultural communication.

Mr. Valeriya Gorokhova,

Head of International Relations Department of the United Russian Party,

Hon. CHO Byung-jae,  Secretary-General of the ICAPP Secretariat,

Hon. KHUON Sudary, Vice Chairperson of the ICAPP Standing Committee,

Distinguished delegates

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to extend my warm greetings to Honable A. Klimov Deputy Secretary of the general Council of the United Russia Party, organizing committee, distinguished guests and participants at the Fifth Festival Marathon from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. I thank the organizer for inviting me to this programme.

Nepal and Russia have been enjoying cordial relation ever since the establishment of diplomatic ties in 1956. Number of cultural activities and exchanges have taken place under the collaboration between Russian Cultural Center and Nepalese organizations.

It is good to see that initiative taken in 2013 has taken the form of Pan-European Festival Marathons. The first Festival Marathon in 2014 provided a forum for international interactions and project cultural marathons to strengthen peace, harmony, tolerance, and unity in the midst of diversity.

We understand round tables, exhibitions, presentations, competitions, concert, and festivals organized during the marathons were helpful means towards transformation. Culture exchange programs proved to be creative, innovative, and productive.

Culture should remain above politics. Government and political parties should be more open, transparent and accountable for such activities. Political parties articulate people’s aspirations and work as forces of integration and stabilization.

We live in an age of technology and should make use of technological advancement in promoting cross cultural interaction. Interfaith interactions will help understand better and promote cohesion and tolerance in society.

I am sure, this marathons will pave the way to transform the cultural assets into significance source of peace, sustainable development and international cooperation.  It can set an example of harmony and tolerance in the modern pluralistic society across the world.

I wish this cultural event a grand success.

Thank you so much!


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