Keynote speech by Former Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sujata Koirala at Second Future Economic Collaboration Business Forum.

At the outset, I would like to congratulate the PEACE and FEC for organizing the second Future Economic Collaboration Business Forum. My sincere thanks to Mr. Chanasnun the president of peace, Mr. Tee Ching Seng, FEC secretariat inviting me to this forum and cordial greetings to all the distinguished guests and participants.


As we know  that the world is suffering from covid 19 pandemic, it is hard to escape completely from this but the world is slowly returning back to new normal. There is some slowdown in infections and death rates in many countries. I hope the vaccination system will available soon at public level to eradicate the covid. This pandemic is not only changing the individual’s economic and social order, but global order also may enter into a new direction.


During pandemic mortality cases and health related issues are threating us but post covid challenges of social and economic infections will be more catastrophic. It is more difficult for developing countries like Nepal to tackle the situation and already started to face the big economic challenges. Fluctuation in the market price, trouble in the hotel and tourism sector, weakening foreign exchange income and reservation indicates the dark side of coming days. One of the pillars of Nepali economy is remittance but the rate will be definitely decreased as most of the employees are returning back to country.

Government must consider and priorities the respective areas to support and boost up the country’s socio-economy condition. Mainly should focus on agro tourism concept as well as extraction of natural resources. Also we should focus to promote digital system and connectivity. Domestic market must be integrated with global market that enhances the overall economic status.


Those who are focusing on traditional farming and returning migrant workers can be deployed in integrated scientific agriculture system. I think we should encourage for organic farming to produce healthy, nutrient and quality food. Additionally, if we promote to produce herbal medicines, aromatic plants that can contribute for GDP also.

Especially, young people are most vulnerable to unemployment because of economic recession. Across the world, young working people will be the first to lose their jobs, or will have to resort to lower quality, less paid and unsafe jobs. So we should focus to create and implement the policy to address such problems.

The positive part of this disease is  bringing people together and to the realization that we can’t fight against such pandemic by drawing the line in between different religions, different communities, different castes and different genders. Therefore we must come together to face the challenges and explore the opportunities collectively. As a proverb Every cloud has a silver lining  let’s have a step and action for the socio and economic transform in post covid era.


Thank you so much.


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