International Ecological Art Exhibition – The Beauty of Ecological Culture Lies in Nature

On the 16-17 November, 2014 the G. P. Koirala Foundation together with the International Ecological Safety Collaborative Organization (IESCO) organized the “International Ecological Art Exhibition” in Kathmandu, Nepal. This event was supported by the Nepal Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) and Beijing Gudaolanting Culture and Art Co., Ltd.

The art exhibition centered on “facilitating the exchange and cooperation among various countries in ecological culture promotion and called on more people to pay attention to the serious situations of environmental crisis and ecological destruction”, integrate the essence of ecological culture and art creation in both China and Nepal and strengthen the interaction and understanding of the two sides on each other’s unique ecological environment and culture. On the occasion, calligraphers and painters will developed new styles to call upon more people to care about ecological culture and the nature through exquisite artistic expression so that to build a sustainable and beautiful earth homeland for our descendants.

The organizers of this art exhibition — G.P. Koirala Foundation of Nepal and International Ecological Safety Collaborative Organization hope that, through this exhibition, they can popularize the valuable lessons learned in safeguarding ecological safety and carrying out art creation, make contributions to the cause of global ecological safety and enhance the exchange and communication among countries on ecological culture so that to let everyone enjoy the unique charm of different ecological cultures and the nature and build a beautiful earth homeland.

The Program was honored by Rt. Hon. Parmananda Jha, Vice President of Nepal, who inaugurated the program and was also its Chief Guest, His Excellency Mr. Wu Chuntai, China’s Ambassador to Nepal, Madame Shan Fengping, Deputy-Director General of IESCO, Hon. Minister for Information and Communication, Dr. Minendra Rizal, senior advisor to IESCO Zhang Baoxin, Mrs. Ragini Upadhayaay Grela, Vice Chancellor of the Nepal Academy of Fine Arts, Diplomatic Heads of countries, the Media, and various representatives from civil society and different organizations.

The works exhibited at the exhibition were painted by well-known Nepali and Chinese painters. Well known Nepali painters are Manoj Babu Misshra, Shashi Bikram Shah, Shashikala Tiwari, Ragini Upadhayaay Grela , Subodh Ghimire and well –known international painter, Vice professor Wang Peiwei, and international Chinese painters are Yunsheng, Sun Bensheng, Qiang Bo, Liu Changjiang, Zhang Xiaoyong, Zhao Weiguo, Zhai Jianqun, Wei An, Hu Yunsheng, Wu Wei, Yu Li .

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