GPKF-America Statement

The Girija Prasad Koirala Foundation organized a Talk Program in Berkeley, California on Sunday Evening, July 21 at Himalayan Flavors.. The theme of this one day talk Program was “Flourishing Democracy in 21st Century”.
The program was presided by the Chairman of the GPK Foundation America Mr.Somnath Ghimire whereas Dr. Shobakar Parajuli, a former MP of Nepal, Ex. Whip of the Nepali Congress Party & the Central Member of GPK Foundation Central’s Steering Committee was the Chief Guest. The other Special Guests were Babu Krishna Sapkota, who is the Treasurer of NC Dhadhing District and the VP of the NC’s National Treasurers Alliance, Caesar Zepeda, Director of WESD, Nduka Uheire-Ebite, Democrat Youth Leader & Mark Brustman also Democrat Youth Leader of Berkeley,CA.

The Chief Guest Dr. Parajuli inaugurated the Talk Program by wreathing the khadaa around the photo of our great leader Girija Prasad Koirala, the Foundation itself is named after him. The Vice President of the GPK Foundation America Mrs. Laxmi KC pinned the special badges to all the distinguished guests.The VP of NANC & the Secretary of the Foundation Prem Pariyar was the master of ceremony. Mr. Pariyar introduced all the community leaders, journalists, intellectuals social activists and politicians who participated the event. The VP Sarbagya Wagley of GPK Foundation America made a welcome speech amidst distinguished guests, Nepalese expatriates and friends of Nepal.
Special Guest Babu Krishna Sapkota spoke about the current political situation of Nepal. Mr. Sapkota also talked about Nepali Congress party, which still needs to go with democratic practices internally.
The other three special guests & friends of Nepal Caesar Zepeda, Director of WESD, Nduka Uheire-Ebite, Democrat Youth Leader & Mark Brustman, Democrat Youth Leaders of Berkeley,CA respectively shared their views on strengthening of democracy in 21st Century by inclusive partcipation in all communities’ events from local to the state level and also urged everyone to speak out. Youth leader Ebite said that there is no boundary for democracy, whereas another Youth leader Zepeda stressed on inclusion of all communities people to vote and choose the right and capable candidate who can foster & flourish our local government to federal. ‘
”Democracy with Deliver’ is the major factor in safeguarding Democracy in 21st century”, Past President of NSU Mahendra Sharma said through email.
The Chief Guest Dr. Shobhakar Parajuli spoke on the current political turmoil in Nepal and it can only be addressed by the only democratic party of Nepal, Nepali Congress. He also said that we are in the 21st Century and our party Nepali Congress must follow the norms and values of democracy internally by our senior leaders to address the needs and the demands of this century. He stressed that our leaders must change their behavior to see our cadres from grassroot level and start evaluating their sacrifices for democracy and the party itself.
President of the GPKF-America Somnath Ghimire shared the concept of GPKF-America and the formation of its executive committee and its future activities. Mr. Ghimire also stressed on the ‘Flourishig Democracy in 21st Century’ providing his own opinion about the each letter of the word ”DEMOCRACY” as D=Dedication, Devotion & Development, E=Engagement & Evaluation, M=Multi-Talents, O=Ownership, C=Coordination & Cooperation, R=Respect Rules, A=Acknowledgement & Alignment, C= Counselling & Y=Yearn. Mr. Ghimire also said that the power of democracy attracted to the people of the world, that helped for rapid downfall of communism and decolonization.
The Certifcates of Appointment sent by the Central President Hon. Sujata Koirala were distrbuted by the Chief Guest Dr. Shobhakar Parajuli and the President of the GPKF-America to the appointed Advisors of the Central Committee of America are Dr. Durga Dahal, Dr. Amod Pokhrel and Bidhyasagar Yonzan and Honorary Members are Krishna Raj Giri & Mrs. Piyush Dahal. Also certificates were distributed to the Central Committee Executives and they are as Vice President Laxmi KC, Vice President Sarbagya Wagle, Secretary Prem Pariyar, Central Member Kranti Aryal Bhandari respectively.

Social Activists & Community Leaders respectively are Dr. Tika Lamsal, Dr. Umesh Aryal, Manohara Thapa Bogati, Harihar Dahal, Ravi Adhikari, Deben Maskey, Senior Vice President of Jana Samparka Samiti-America Dhananjya Narsingh KC, attended this event. The other particiants are NC leaders Bhupal Lamichhane, Bhakta Thapa, Pratik Pandey.
Ishwar Sitaula-President of Nepali Association of Northern California, Yagya Lal Shrestha-President, Nepali Community Center(NCC), Uttam Karki-Past President of NANC, President of NAGC-Mani Nepali Paneru, Surendra Malla-President of NRN California Chapter, Dikendra Maskey-Past President of NANC,Dinesh Ghimire-Advisor of Jana Samparka Samiti CA chapter, Bishwo Bhatta-President of Nepal Gorkha Samparka Samiti, Hari Bhatta-General Secretary of Jana Samparka Samiti, CA Chapter, Rabindra Kumar Rai-Past President of NANC, Narayan Pokhrel-Past Treasurer of NANC, Madan Maharjan-NRN CA Chapter Secretary were also took part in this one day Talk Program. Distinguished guests, Nepalese expatriates and friends of Nepal expressed greetings and support to the foundation and its activities in the days to come.
Advisor Bidhyasagar Yonzan briefly talked about the contribution of Nepal’s former Prime Minister – Late Girija P Koirala, popularly known as ‘Girija Babu’, his leadership in bringing political change in Nepal, among other things. Also other Advisor Dr. Durga Dahal appreciated the idea of establishing the GPKF-Americas, the role Girija babu had played in transitioning Nepal towards democracy. He demanded immediate stepping down of the President of Nepali Congress Party so that the only democratic party of nepal will flourish in the days to come.
Vice President of GPKF-America Mrs. Laxmi KC gave Vote of Thanks. VP Laxmi KC also urge all democrat forces to unite and work hand in hand to achieve our goals. GPKF-America appreciates the great effort done by Secretary Prem Pariyar and his team to make this event grand success.
GPKF Central President Ms Sujata Koirala appreciates Chief Guest, Special Guests, Advisors, Honorary Members, Central Members, distinguished guests, Nepalese expatriates and friends of Nepal who participated in this Talk Program. She expects continued support for the foundation in future.
Also special thanks goes to the owner Mr. Yagya Lal Shrestha of Himalayan Flavors & its team for the kind hospitality.
GP Koirala Foundation America will work to achieve its goals especially in the field of Education & Health in Nepal. In America GPKF will work for Social Justice and Human Rights.

Somnath Ghimire
President-GPKF Americas
July 22, 2019

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