Objectives of the department:
– Work for HEET (Health, Education, Environment and Tourism)
– Advocacy of the sustainable and Responsible tourism all over Nepal
– Train and motivate local women group (Ama samuh) for the home stay and
community beneficial agro tourism
– Group discussion, interaction, knowledge sharing base workshop, study and
research in the community tourism and mountain tourism
– Advocacy for the mountain protection, climate change and garbage
management as well as recommend trade stake holders about the safety and
security of the mountain tourism
– Culture exchange program
– Advocate about the social welfare of tourism workers and stake holders
(tourism entrepreneurs) too.
– Advocate economical, social and political benefit of the mountain
communities and preserve their culture
– Appoint Goodwill ambassador of GPK Foundation tourism department
– Sponsor or provide scholarship for those students who are under the poverty
level from the remote area for the subject of Health, Environment and
– Contribute school stationeries, sanitary pads for school grown up girls as
well as mother group in the remote areas.
– Provide English language, leadership and motivational training in the remote

  Mr. Kul Bahadur Gurung, Director

Recent Activities of Tourism 

1.धादिङको रुविभ्यालीमा जिपी फाउण्डेशनको कार्यालय स्थापना


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