“Colors of MITHILA “Mithila group art Exhibition 2023 Jointly organized by: GP Koirala foundation, Art & Culture department& Russian House

The opening ceremony of the “Colors of Mithila” Group Mithila Art Exhibition 2023 was inaugurated by our esteemed Chief Guest, Dr. Ram Dayal Rakesh, a highly respected senior writer. The event was chaired by Ma. Sujata Koirala, the former Deputy Prime Minister and President of GP Koirala Foundation. We were honored to have special guests including Anton Maslov, the Director of Russian House, Ma. Dr. Shivji Yadav, Senior Artist Gehendarman Amatya, Gautam Ratan Tuladhar, Ramesh Khanal, Shushma Rajbhandari, and Mithila Devi.

This exhibition brought together a diverse group of participating artists and art lovers, showcasing the vibrant and captivating Mithila art form. The collaboration between GP Koirala Foundation Art & Culture Department and Russian House has created a platform to celebrate and promote the rich cultural heritage of Mithila.



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