Sujata Koirala,  former DPM/Foreign Minister of Nepal & Chairperson, GP Koirala Foundation.



I say “We must act”

Australian bushfires are a warning to the world and future generation about protection of environment and climate change. The destructive bushfires that is ravaging Australia today are global environmental emergency that must be addressed by all humans living in this planet for the protection of future generation and our planet. Environmental degradation together with climate change arising due to global warming is the greatest challenge of our time for the pursuit of sustainable development. The world have been bearing heavy brunt of natural calamities such as earthquakes and floods have caused colossal loss but as we see today this has stretched to Australian continent damaging not only human and loss of property but killing of millions of innocent and helpless animals transforming continent into hell on earth.

I as the Chairperson of the GP Koirala Foundation has always stressed in working for the protection of the environment and fight against the climate change. GP Koirala Foundation has been warning in Nepal that if the climate change issue is not taken seriously in Nepal, we may lose all our Himalays and destroy the civilization living beneath, we must act immediately otherwise we will face more human & natural calamity in the globe.   

 Addressing this challenge calls for collective preparedness, collective responsiveness and collective collaboration between all nations, leaders, civil society  and environmentalists. This includes preparedness to prevent the perils of such calamities; responsiveness to deal with destruction of such disasters and collaboration to mitigate the menace of climate change. What happening in Australia today will become increasingly common around the world, if we do not aggressively combat the climate change and transform our energy system away from fossil fuels. The future of our planet is in stake, I say “we must act to tackle the climate crisis”. As of today the bushfire in Australia has already killed over 18 people and 500 million animals.  

Sujata Koirala,  former DPM/Foreign Minister of Nepal & Chairperson, GP Koirala Foundation.    



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