Public institute in Gokarneshwor


‘It gives us great pleasure to announce that as a part of our continuous effort towards maintaining peace and democracy in Nepal, we are building a wonderful public institute. In collaboration with Journeyman International (an organisation based in California, USA) we are moving closer towards our dream project of building G.P. Koirala Center for Peace and Democracy. This project will provide Nepalese citizens a facility where they can learn, research and understand the true values of democracy and development, along with a place to showcase and appreciate their proud culture. The building will have a public auditorium of international standards, convention halls, research facilities, library, art gallery, community hall and a technical institute for the local community who are helping us achieve our dream. It will also house a memorial to our beloved leader Girija Prasad Koirala who always wished for Nepal to be peaceful and progressive.

The project site is located in the Gokarneshwor region, overlooking the beautiful Kathmandu Valley. We recently hosted a volunteer architect from Journeyman International, Bhavesh Wadhwani who would be working with us on this ambitious project for the coming months.

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